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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wedding Trends

In this post, I will discuss new wedding trends and other special elements that can really make a wedding stand out. Weddings are becoming more and more non-traditional as brides are tending to deviate from what is considered to be the "norm". I am going to share with you some wedding trends I feel can add originality and overall elegance to a wedding.

Wedding Cake

Cupcakes are the new wedding cake. A lot of brides are choosing cupcake tiers in lieu of the traditional wedding cake. This new trend is becoming popular amongst brides who aren't afraid to step out of the box. Cupcake tiers can be displayed in several different ways and can easily coordinate with the color and theme of a wedding.

As you can see, a miniature cake can be added to the top of the tier so that the couple can freeze eat on their one year anniversary. Check out my dear friend, Dr. Yakini's, article she wrote about this growing wedding trend on her online webzine. In the article she points out a few cons of replacing a wedding cake with this whimsical display of sugary confection.

Candy Buffet
Displaying a candy buffet table at your reception is another wedding trend that adds a whimsical effect to the room. Candy buffets are always a huge hit at weddings because it can be used to coordinate with the wedding colors and can double as favors. There are several different ways to display a candy buffet.

Bags can be placed on the candy buffet table for your guests to scoop candy into and take home with them. You can personalize the outside of the bags by adding customized labels. You can find bulk candy from places like Candy Warehouse and the Bulk Candy Store.


While it is not a necessity, giving your guests favors is a nice way of thanking your guests for attending your wedding. Favors can put a nice dent in your budget because you have to provide one for each guest. Therefore, it is a good idea to use elements in your wedding that can serve two purposes. The aforementioned candy buffet serves a dual purpose because it can double as favors for your guests. Place card holders can also double as favors.

These cute little bubble vases have prongs where you can display place cards directing your guests to their assigned tables (that's if you choose to have a seating chart). At the end of the night, they can go home with your guests.

Here is another cute place card holder idea found on The Knot which can double as favors.

A couple on one of my favorite wedding sites, Weddingbee really took an original and charitable approach to wedding favors. Instead of handing out favors guests could take home with them, they gave their guests four charity tokens, worth a dollar each, to donate to three different charities.

Guests were given the option to divide their charity tokens amongst the three charities or they could choose to donate all of their tokens to one cause. There were three glass bowls set out on a table at the reception, each representing one of the different charities. Guests were given instructions to drop their charity tokens in the bowl of their choice. When I first saw this, I thought this was such a neat idea. Couples spend so much money on their wedding, but in this case, part of the money spent was going to be donated to a good cause. For more details and information on how you can also implement this at your wedding, check out former Weddingbee blogger, affectionately known to her readers as "Mrs. Lovebug's" post with step-by-step instructions here

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Photo booths are becoming ever so popular at weddings

Wedding photo booths add a sense of nostalgia to your wedding reception. Your guests will have a ball playing around in the photo booth. Most photo booth rental companies include unlimited photos in their rental packages and some even provide you with a scrapbook where all of your guests photos can be placed and later used as a keepsake for your wedding. You and your husband/wife will have fun looking back at all the silly poses and funny faces of your guests.

There was a caricature artist at a wedding I planned back in May. Each of the guests were able to take turns and get a caricature drawing done of themselves at the reception. This was a huge hit as well. I don't think the caricature artist got a break the entire time. Guests were anxiously lined up awaiting their turn.

Guest Book
Many brides are doing away with the traditional guest book. Photo frame guest books are being used at a lot of weddings

The bride and groom can display a picture of themselves (such as a professional engagement picture) in the middle of the frames and have their guests sign around the outside of the frame. This, too, can double as a memorable keepsake.

Guest book platters are also be used to replace the typical "sign-in" guest books. This can also be taken home and used as a keepsake.

Martini Luges

Martini Ice Luges are ideal for weddings. It is also a cost effective way to serve complimentary alcohol to your guests because you can have a signature martini being poured down the martini luge all night. Guests can just walk up and hold their glass underneath the spout while the bartender pours the liquor down the luge into a martini glass. Some couples choose to have 2 to 3 different martini luges so that guests can have different flavor choices.

Professional Lighting

Hiring a professional lighting specialist can add a romantic ambience to your reception. You can select lighting to match your wedding colors. Professional lighting really creates a "Wow" factor when your guests enter the room.

*Photo taken from Exquisite Weddings
Isn't that lighting gorgeous?

Ceiling Draping

Ceiling draping can add a touch of romantic elegance to your reception room. It can really transform a room. Ceiling draping is also commonly used in wedding tents when utilizing an outdoor space for the reception.

There are so many trendy wedding ideas, that I can't possibly cover them all in one post. Perhaps, I'll come back with some other ideas in a "Part 2" segment. I hope you enjoyed Part 1's segment and saw some ideas and trends that were new to you. Until next time...



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~Y said...

Oh my gosh, so many beautiful trends! I loved this post! My favorite is having the ceiling drapes, the caricature artist for the reception, and the special lighting. So pretty! I wish i had a nice picture of me and D for our shower, as I'd love folks to sign around it... what a neat idea. I may try to pull that idea together before next weekend.

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