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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Reason to Celebrate

Birthdays, Anniversaries, New Baby, Just Because...these are all happy occasions that are cause for people to throw a big party or celebration. How about inviting all of your closest friends and family out to celebrate earning your Master's degree? Well, that's exactly what Susann did last night. Earning your Master's degree is a BIG accomplishment and definitely something worth celebrating. I teamed up with my good friend, Arnisca Wilson, owner of Li Se' Catering & Events, and came up with decorating ideas for the event. Together, Arnisca and I gathered our thoughts and ideas and put our creative minds to work.

The color scheme we used was Red, Black, and Silver. The event room was very "drab" to say the least. It's one of those spaces where a lot of work has to be put into it to actually transform it into something beautiful. Unfortunately, we weren't working with a large enough budget to completely transform the entire room. But, we made do with what we had, and in my opinion, it came out nice. Let me know what you think:

We used Blumebox centerpieces on the tables. Thanks so much to Michelle with Lemiga Events for coming through at the last minute with the Blumeboxes

We decorated the outside of the Blumebox with a black satin ribbon and a red, shimmery, sheer ribbon on top of that. We also made custom drink menus and sat them on each of the tables. Here are a couple of close ups of some of the different menus:

Each of the menus were decorated differently and added a nice "personal" touch to each of the tables. Special thanks goes out to Cindy, the bartender, for putting together these menus for us at the last minute. Arnisca and I were running behind schedule and Cindy came in and got right to work. Had it not been for her assistance, we probably would not have been able to display these cute little menus on the tables. So "thanks" again to Cindy, "You Rock!"

We even set up a "head table" in the back for Susann and her family to sit:

They ended up not sitting there because they were too busy mingling with all of the guests and having fun on the dance floor. They were definitely not the type of people to be secluded at a different table away from their guests. What were we thinking? Lol! That was alright because the table added a nice touch to the room.

Complimentary alcohol was flowing all night. Cindy did an awesome job behind the bar. She was friendly to everyone that came up to the bar. She was just a fun person to be around. And...she even showed me her "Thug Passion" tattoo on her lower back (No, seriously! She REALLY has one, lol!) in honor of her favorite rapper TuPac Shakur.

Here she is, having fun with her Martini shaker, lol!

Cindy was very attentive to everyone's drink requests and made sure she gave them exactly what they asked for and even added her own little special touch at times.

Susann's guests were a fun bunch of people. They really knew how to party.

Here is Susann (turquoise shirt) and her guests doing the "Cupid Shuffle"

And a party isn't a party without a Soul Train line!

Here is the "Guest of Honor" going down the Soul Train line.

A lot of people "let loose" on the dance floor going down the Soul Train line, lol!
*Please excuse the blurriness of the pictures, the smoke is coming from the DJ booth. He let loose this smoke on the dance floor to give the room a "smokey" effect

A guest doing the "Robot" down the line.

Susann and her friend CJ going down the Soul Train line together as they both had something in common to celebrate. CJ also earned her Master's degree and graduated with Susann. Congrats to both of you ladies!

And this guy just couldn't resist going down the Soul Train line a second time and I couldn't resist snapping another picture of him, lol!

Fun times indeed!

And here is a picture of the DJ, DJ Triple M, who was responsible for everyone dancing and having a good time.

He played all the hot tunes and provided a nice mixture of music that everyone could enjoy. He even took it back to the "Old School" with some of the most popular R&B hits from way back in the day. From Frankie Beverly and Maze to some early Michael Jackson (when he was black, lol!)everyone was reminiscing and just having a good time.


Lemiga Events said...

The blume boxes and the candle centerpieces turned out great! I'm glad I could help you out : )

Sealed With A Kiss said...

Thanks so much again! I will be ordering from you again next time I need some more.