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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Barack The Vote!

With the 2008 Presidential Election around the corner, I'm sure many people have been throwing Debate Parties. If you are planning to host an Election 2008 Viewing Party in your home on November 4th, here are a few planning tips and decorating ideas:

A Patriotic/4th of July theme can be used for an Election Party

Patriotic Bunting Borders can be used to decorate edges of tables or as borders on the walls.

Other Patriotic decor that can be used are Red, White, and Blue streamers, Patriotic Confetti, and balloons.

Who to Invite:

If you are a Barack Obama supporter, make sure all of your guests are, too. This is to avoid any confrontations or heated political debates. Also, if guests are allowed to bring someone along with them, ask them to make sure their guests are also Barack Obama supporters.

Breaking the Ice

If you are inviting a diverse group of people, then chances are everyone might not be acquainted with one another. How about playing a game to "break the ice" amongst your guests prior to the start of the debate?

This Election Topics 2008 game from Plum Party is a great conversation starter.

What to serve?

Finger foods like hors d'oeuvre's and snacks are probably the easiest to serve at your Election 2008 Viewing Party.

You can also play off of the "patriotic" theme of the event by serving drinks and other treats in patriotic colors.

These Red, White, and Blue Cocktail Shooters are perfect for the occasion.
All you need is:

1 part grenadine

1 part peach schnappes

1 part blue curacao

Layer in this way:
1) Grenadine
2) Peach schnapps
3) Blue curacao
i.e. 1) on bottom

Or these Blue Yankee Doodles and Red Patriotic Punches:

Yankee Doodle
- 1 part UV Blue Raspberry-flavored vodka
- 2 parts sour
- 1 part tonic

Pour vodka, sour and tonic into a rocks glass over ice. Stir and serve.

Patriotic Punch
- 1 part UV Red Cherry-flavored vodka
- 3 parts lemonade

Pour the ingredients into a rocks glass over ice. Stir and serve.

Sweeten things up a bit and serve these Obama'08 Cupcakes from Mrs Beasley's:

Or these Obama'08 Cookies, also from Mrs Beasley's:

*Mrs Beasley's also sells these 2008 Election cupcakes and cookies for the Republican candidates. They can be found here

Or try these easy-to-make cupcakes:

And last but not least, try these Campaign Button Cookies

Encourage guests to wear Barack Obama gear or other Democratic paraphernalia.
Here are some cute t-shirts and hoodies from

I LOVE the colors in this tee being rocked by America's favorite Top Model, Eva Pigford.

This one is for all of my Old School Hip Hop heads and Run DMC fans. It also comes in Men's sizes as well.

In anticipation of cooler weather come November, you can also Barack the Vote in a hoodie. (*side note: Ladies, isn't that model a nice piece of eye candy?)

If you are welcoming children to your event then they too can "Barack" their vote. Well not really since they can not legally vote, but they can show their support in this cool gear

Even your favorite pooch can participate in all the fun

How cute is this Doggy Tee? And furthermore, how adorable is that little doggy?

And why not invite the "Guest of Honor" to your event?

You can purchase this life-sized, 6'2" cut-out of Barack Obama at

And that, my friends, should be enough to get you started on planning your Election 2008 Viewing Party. Feel free to email me pictures of your event and I will post them on my site after the election.

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