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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Decorating With Scrapbook Paper

Decorating with scrapbook paper is a quick and easy way to dress up a table setting for those last minute "get-togethers". It is also inexpensive and perfect when decorating on a budget. Scrapbook paper can be used as placemats, table runners, napkin rings and to cover vases.

Jenn from Hostess With The Mostess uses scrapbooking paper in a lot of her party theme designs.

In the above picture, Jenn uses a 12" sheet of scrapbook paper as a placemat.

Here she uses 1"-2" strips of scrapbook paper as napkin rings. Jenn also uses it to cover cylinder shaped vases for floral centerpieces. You can also use rhinestone stickers and other embellishments to decorate your scrapbook paper designs.

Scrapbook paper can be found at American Crafts, Luxe Designs as well as any craft store like Michael's.

Scrapbook paper can also be used to decorate around the house.

The above wall art can easily be created by using 12x12 inch Styrofoam Brand Foam Squares and covering it with scrapbook paper of your choice. At less than $5/sq, this is a really inexpensive way to transform a room in your house. They can be found at any craft store.

The Styrofoam Brand Foam also comes in 3" cubes that can be also be wrapped in scrapbook paper and used as vases.

As you can see, scrapbook paper can be used in a variety of ways. So head on over to your nearest craft store and stock up on loads of scrapbook paper. This way, when you have to entertain guests at the last minute, you will already have something at home to work with. The good thing about scrapbook paper is that it comes in hundreds of colors and designs. You can even use a particular scrapbook paper design as inspiration for a color scheme. Use it to decorate your entire event around.


Timeesha Duncan said...

Dont you just love these scrapbook ideas. Its super cheap and creates one of kind creativity.

An Atlanta Bride said...

Love the idea! I have so much of this stuff laying around from when I used to scrapbook and had no idea what to do with it all until NOW! :)

~Y said...

What a neat idea! Ive got tons of scrapbook paper around, why havent i ever thought to do this!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi..I love scrapbooking paper, but here in my country these papers are so expensive.


Sarah said...

I placed a link on my blog post showcasing your great ideas. visiting from