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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Manzanita Trees

Manzanita Trees make beautiful centerpieces at weddings and other events. You can really get creative with Manzanita Trees by adding your own special touch to them. You can string crystals along the branches to give the impression that the tree is dripping with crystals. These types of Manzanita Trees are also often referred to as Crystal Trees and are perfect for the bride who wants a lot of "Bling" incorporated into her centerpieces.

Manzanita Trees can also serve as placecard holders at weddings:

The one above was created by Style Me Pretty and she includes DIY instructions on how to recreate it. As you can see, the guests' names are hung from the branches of the tree. When they arrive to the reception, they pull their name off of the tree and their table number will be printed on it to indicate where they will be seated.

Here is another Mazanita Tree placecard holder designed by Michelle Rago. In Michelle's version, the Manzanita Tree is used as a striking centerpiece on the placecard table. Instead of hanging from the actual tree, the placecards can be found in clear glass trays in front of the tree.

This is another one of Michelle Rago's creations. Looks like this one is being used as the focal point in the center of a room.

This version of a Manzanita Tree is being used as a centerpiece on a table.

This Manzanita Tree from Pacific Weddings is one of my newest personal faves. This was created for a "Red, White, and Butterfly" themed wedding. Look at all the pretty red butterflies hanging from it.

As you can see, you can get very creative with Manzanita Trees. You can spray paint the branches any color to go with your color scheme. A lot of companies, like Etherealdecor, sell the crystal tree versions already assembled. You can also buy all the materials and create them yourself. This may prove to be a little more cost effective, too. You can buy the Manzanita branches at your local craft store or at Save-On-Crafts. If you want to incorporate flowers into your tree, any professional florist should be able attach flowers to the tree(s) for you.


Kelly said...

Thanks so much for this, I had been looking into crystal trees with thoughts of starting a rental type service for wedding planners/brides and thought about purchasing one of these trees for the business and to my surprise you had a link for a company that makes them! Maegan said...

omg these are so pretty.