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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Edible Cocktail

So, I was watching the end of Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? and one of the Event Planner's surprised his couple with Chocolate Champagne Glasses for their reception. It was pretty much Champagne Flutes lined with chocolate and filled with champagne. It looked SO delicious. Check it out:

I thought this was a very unique idea, as I had never seen this before. I immediately got on the computer and started doing my research. I was able to find the company that creates these "yummy" masterpieces.

The company is called Bar Candy and they have this idea patented, so no one else can attempt to recreate it themselves. Therefore, if you want these chocolate babies at your wedding, the only place you can order these from is Bar Candy. These would also be a huge hit at not only weddings, but birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, spa parties, or any kind of event. Bar Candy can also customize the edible chocolate molds for you with great selections to choose from like chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter cup, and colored white chocolate to match your color scheme. They can also do edible martini glasses if martinis are your drink of choice for your guests. Not a drinker? Bar Candy also offers non-alcoholic "Mocktini's".

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